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english course assigments, week 4

Ask an Expert

Resource Person: achmad herianto subagyo
Profession: seller of rujak
Address: Jl.Imam bonjol west kalimantan
Arranged by :
Name: hengky wiranata
Student: civil engineering
Interview result

S: hengky
H: Herianto
S: Good afternoon sir, sorry to take a moment, wait for me to interview?
H: Yes good afternoon , ooh yeah i happen to be empty buyer again.
S: We apologize in advance sir, whose full name is you?
H: oh yes it's okay son, my name is Achmad Herianto Subagyo I usually called my friends and my subscriptions Mr. Heri.
S: If you can know where he came from?
H: I come from Bandung nak, exactly in Cidadap sub-district.
S: How old is you now?
H: I am 43 years old.
S: Can you tell me a bit of your education sir?
H: I used to go to elementary school from 1978 to 1984, then I went to junior high school from 1984 to 1987, I went to school because I was a disciplined student and smart enough so I went to high school from 1987 to 1990, after graduation I did not know going to go school or not because my parents are from poor families, so I decided to quit school and find a job to support my parents, so short story from my educational level son.
S: Why did you wander to pontianak?
H: I wandered to pontianak for joining my friend, he said he has a job to fill my activities and also to charge the parent again sick.
S: You used to be a seller of rujak what?
H: I used to be a private employee in the central Jakarta area.
S: Then why did you stop and decide to become a seller of rujak?
H: When I used to work as a private employee I used to be careful in choosing goods, so I was laid off from that company.
S: Like that yes sir, be patient sir, know what do you mean for father.
H: Yes .. thank you.
S: How long have you been a seller of rujak?
H: I became a seller of rujak from 2007 until now more or less I have been a seller of rujak already 10 years.
S: Where did you first sell salad?
H: I first sell in Kemayoran area, sumur batu, and Sunter. But, I have a lot of subscriptions in Kemayoran so I like to forget that it was a walk in the area of ​​Sunter and Sumur batu. Hehehe.
S: How did father feel when he first started selling rujak?
H: Yaaa ..., when I hear I will be laid off I already have a plan to become a seller but the obstacle I feel is when my parents know that I was laid off from the company from there I feel very sad.
S: Owh so yes sir, patiently yes sir, sorry sir, father so tears out.
H: It's okay boy, I was very guilty at the time, because I was not careful.
S: Please forgive sir if I know the average income of father every day how much?
H: Yaaa ... hanging deck if many buyer or subscription that my message usually per day is 200 thousand, but if again lonely usually 50 thousand to 100 thousand.
S: Is your father's income sufficient for every day?
H: yeah ... it's enough yes just for the saved money is not there.
S: What kind of capital did you prepare to sell the rujak?
H: At that time I was lucky to have a motorcycle and severance pay so it is enough to pay rent and capital to buy equipment.
S: The initial father got the capital from where?
H: Alhamdulilah  I used to work as an employee, so I can buy a motor and get severance pay, so my capital from it alone.
S: Do you have a motorcycle and severance pay to think about selling motorcycles and working as a trader?
H: At that time I was thinking of selling motorcycles and trading, but after I thought about it again it did not seem, because it was the only motor I had to go and go.
S: are there any patrons among students?
H: yes there are, mostly students and students.
S: Have there been any school children who did not pay or could be said to be debt?
H: Never existed, but I'm also a human name yes deck, there must be a lack, if there is no money is also okay. I also did not have a person first so I know hard-earned money.
S: Father usually sell from what time until what time?
H: I usually sell from 09.00 am to 16.30.
S: What do you like to be a seller of rujak?
H: When likes yaaa ... most when I serve a lot of customers, and grief I never can not

S: If I can know if you have a family?
H: Already.
S: Where do you live with your father's wife?
H: I live on Jl Imam Bonjol, West Kalimantan.
S: Do you want to rent, board or house yourself?
H: I am there own home, the result of my severance money home credit.
S: How long have you lived there?
H: I live there 10 years old son.
S: Have you been blessed with a child?
H: I have been awarded 2 children, first child of 5th grade, second child is still kindergarten.
S: What is the current status of the father in the family?
H: My current status as the head of my family.
S: When father sells rujak whether his wife works?
H: When I went to work my wife always come I went to the market to trade vegetables there son.
S: What is your wife's average income?
H: The average of my wife's earnings per day is 100 thousand for every day, yahhh that's enough for the savings.
S: Okay  sir, thank you for the interview that enough pressed the heart of the father, and may my father always patient, given the abundant sustenance of God, good health, and hope the children's school fathers can smoothly until the children's father successful .
H: Yes equally, you are also back again given sustenance, health from God.
S: Sir already want to rain my father please go home, thanks
H: yach wellcome

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english course assigments, week 3

I can’t imagine life without ship

   We as children overseas, went to study in overseas land by crossing he sea. of course, very dependent on the ship, especially in remot areas that exist only for the sea transport to the overseas regions.
Have you ever imagine if an ship was never invanted ? especially for those living in the islands. let's take a moment and thank God that he has created human with a genius like that happened today we can travel far and send the goods by ship.

I can not imagine what if there was never a ship or marine transportation to the islands.
if i have t imagine, i guess life without ship must be very discocerting and complicated. even we will feel trapped in the area because,they can't go to anywhere. As an individual, we wouldn't be able to reach a destination wih a long distence. because, if we do not know the outside world, we will continue to lag behind and backward.  From economics sind, where the ship is very profiable because, many who could open a business or trade by using sea transport.

I think marine transportation safer than air transportation because,most accident in air transport there are no survivors. if the ship in the event of an accident there are still opportunities for over if can swim or could be in a lifeboat that has been provided. despite the fact that salvation is in hands of God or as destiny.

   Ship life is very beneficial for people who live in the archipelgo. in addition to trade the ship is also used by humans to go to the sea for fishing, but the ship is different from the ship to trade. and the ship is also used for day trips to the islands that have the charm of a beautiful beach. 
so. i think ship really take an impotant and very useful for human life in medern times.

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Discussion of the material and subject matter of the English language on Friday March 10, 2017

discussion of the material and subject matter of the English language on Friday March 10, 2017

     C.   Word parts: uni    Example: universal
   1.     Find five word with uni in the puzlle and circle them. Check their meanings.
     1.     Universal = mendunia
     2.     Uniform = seragam
     3.     University = universitas
     4.     Universe = alam semesta
     5.     Unified = dipersatukan

    2.     Complete the sentences below with the words from the puzzle.
     1.     Rita is university student.
     2.     The desire for love is universal.
     3.     The universe began about 14 billion years ago.
     4.     East and west Germany were unified in 1990.
     5.     At many schools, students must wear a uniform.
    3.     Work with a partner. What do you think uni means? Circle the correct answer.
    ANSWER : C. Single or one

    1.   Reading skills
     A.   Pre-reading questions.
     1.     In what ways will robots make our lives better in the future? In what ways will they      mske our lives worse?
     2.     What kinds of robots woulds you like to see?

     B.   Reading
     read the text. Highlight an interesting idea in each paragraph.

A New Member of the family
Bill Gates, who made his career in personal computers, believes that the age of home robots has arrived. He compares home robots today with personal computers 30 years ago. At that time, there were large computers in companies and universities, but there were few computers in the home. Gates suggests that soon robots will be adopted in the home in the same way that personal computers have been. This trend will allow us to live richer lives as robots take over boring housework duties.
There are several reasons why the age of home robots is now possible. First, robots need a brain-a computer. Computing power is now cheap and powerful enough to serve as this brain. Babies brains develope rapidly. Second, cameras, GPS, and voice recognition software enable robots to react to the world around them. The cost of these systems has fallen rapidly, but their power has increased. Finally, in the same way that Microsoft developed an operating system that could work on different kinds of computers, engineers are now beggining to write computer code for a potential common robot operating system.
Some poeple may oppose the idea of robots in every home, but most of us will happily welcome them in our lives. There are many reasons that robots will make our lives better. First, they will provide aid with housework. We will have robots that clean the floor while we are out. As well as cleaning our homes, robots will prepare and serve our meals and wash and iron our clothes. Others will cut the grass in our garden. Think of all the effort they will save us! We will have time to do the things we love. Second, we can have robot companions and pets. When we are elderly. They will remind us to take our medicine and report to emergency services if there is a problem. They will protect us from dangerous people who may try to force their way into our homes. If we are alone, they will keep us company and entertain us. We will come to love them us much us our pets today. But unlike live companions and pets, they will not die. Home robots may not look like the robots in science fiction movies, and we might not even think of them as robots. But without doubt, they will free us from useless household duties and prevent us from being lonely.

    C.   Identifying topic and main idea
    Read thr questions below and circle the correct answer according to the text.
     1.     Which of the following best describes the topic of the text?
     ANSWER : D. Computers in our lives
     2.     Which af the following best describes the main idea of the text ?
     ANSWER : A. Robots will improve our lives in many ways.

    E.   Identifying opinions
   Which one of the following three opinions would the outthor probably disagree with?
   ANSWER : B. It is clear that we live happier and healtheir lives because of modern      technology.

Going beyond the text
Look at the list of jobs below. Which are you happy for robots to do in the future? Why or why not ?
     1.     Singer : can keep me entertained.
     2.     Police officer : I think robots can be police officer because the robots can save the        word from criminal.
     3.     Airline pilot : I think robots can  be Airline pilot in the future because the robots not      feel tired when long fly.
     4.     Cook  : I think robots can’t  be cook in the future because the robots can’t feel a            sensation of food. 
     5.     Doctor : I think robots can’t  be Doctor in the future because the robots with the            high technology robots can disiase.
     6.     Taxi driver : I think robots can  be can’t be Taxi driver in the future because the             robots sleepy in a driver car.
     7.     Store clerk : I think robots can  be can’t be Store clerk in the future because the              robots slow move serve custumer  
     8.     Teacher : I think robots can  be can’t be Teacher in the future because a poeple more      smart than robots

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discussion of the material and subject matter of the English language on Friday March 3, 2017

Unit 4
Robots in the home
1 .   Critical cartoons
          A.   Warm up
     Work with partner or in small group. Discuss the question below.
   1.     How many electronic devices have you used in the past 24 hours? Lost them.
   2.     What activities do robots do today? What other things would you like them to do?    3.     Are there certain things we should always do for ourselves? What? Why?

      ANSWER :
   1.     I used at least in 24 hours using 3 electronics like ; laptop, fan, smartphone.
   2.     What robots do today in this day, like smartphone, for communication dan news.
   3.     Robots shoulds never, help us to pray and to do sport.
        Why, because the first pray, is dust only communicate between you and god. And          then you just get more healty, it you do by yourself.

2.   Core vocabulary
    A.   Scanning and skimming
 1.     Find and underline the keywords in the text. The first one is done for you. Try      to guess their meanings.

     ANSWER :
1.     Adopt     : legally aan abbadont child to own’s  hand.
2.     Effort      : Work, attempt, strain, achievement, struggle
3.     Aid         : help to do something for someone
4.     Force      : Push, enforce, demand, require, constrain, impel,
5.     Career     : to do what humans expert and get salary.
6.     Oppose   : defy, resist, counter, confront
7.     Code       : a system of signals used to ask.
8.     Potential : has abisity to do something.
9.     Doubt     : Hestitation, question, skepticism, indecision,
10. Serve      : Act, function, work

Living with Robots

Movies  about the future, robots often feature in the home. In some movies, they  serve the family by doing Housework. In other movies, they may even take the place of family members, acting as lovers or children. But will robots really aid us in our daily tasks in the future? Will people adopt them as their own children?

As with any  new technology, some people will oppose robots just because they are new. These people will try to force their opinions on us. They will says, “it is important that we make efforts ourselves. If we don’t do our own work, we will become like small children.” Others want robots to serve them. They will argue that this gives us the potential to do more by freeing us from small daily jobs. People will then be able to spend more time on their careers and less on house work. And those who like to enjoy themselves will also have more time for doing fun things.
The potential of robots as family  members is more in doubt because robots are only moving computers. A computer code that tells a robot to act like a child is much more difficult to write than one that instructs a robot wash the dishes. Perhaps the family member most likely to be a robot is the family pet! In fact, a number of companies are already making different kinds of robots pets. Is the future already here?

2 .     Read the statements below, which best summarizes the text? Circle A, B, or C
    ANSWER :
 B. in the future, robots will help us in the home and might also be considered family  members.

 Wassalam’mualaikum Wr. Wb.

That is all and thank you.

English course assignments, week 2

hallo .... I am Hengky wiranata

my skills or my hobby.
  My hobby is football,  I want to tell you about my hobby or my skills.

      Football, I love football since childhood at the age of 10 years. at that time I was still in primary school, every afternoon after school I always join my friends playing football and perhaps only friday we do not play football.. it's known as a child want to just play and our difference with other children are playing football in the sea when the water subsided, that's what makes the game so much more challenging, that's the thrill of my childhood on the island Serasan. 
   Then, after finishing primary school My family moved to Ranai, Ranai Natuna is a district capital,
and I also went to school there. Here's the place to start developing my hobby, because I could join football practice at a soccer school in Ranai. soccer school coincidence that just a few months on the set.  after all this time joined football training, at the time of high school I first joined the prestigious tournament that is held every year. This tournament is held once a year to commemorate the independence of Indonesia. can proudly join the tournament much less representative of the high school team, famous team with fanatical supporters and always crowded. on my firts game at the high school team yet to get optimal result, but the following year we menaged to bring the team went into semi-final and got the champion .since then I am very active in the sports field, and every tournament I always called by a teacher who once finished high school team coach. of the talent that have it, I am widely know by students at school and be called famous. During the periode leading up to graduation I tried to join the exercise futsal because at that time the popular new game. However, for futsal tournament high school team did not participate. And I joined my team of soccer schools , team feared among the sport in Ranai because it is a great team at that time. and we became champions.
        A year later, I went to Pontianak to go to college. Although overseas I never left my hobby,just reduce the time to play football because the dense lecture schedule. however, the other with futsal because it can play at night. So here I am more active futsal than football. with my skill ,I'ev three time winner of the tournament between the hostel in Pontianak. Although I lecture in engineering but I still lowve the sport of futsal and football. Because, for me football is my life.
     To always continue this hobby, I plan to make futsal in my hometown after college and become engineers. in addition to continue the hobby also able to spot business.
okay so and thanks....

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Storyline I go to College

     My name is Hengky Wiranata , my nationality is Indonesia and i was born in Riau islands precisely in the Natuna island. Natuna island is the outer island of Indonesia bordering the asean countries as Malaysia, my stay in place home residents many an the coast ,so everyday can look at a beautiful sea view.
     I was born of a simple family not a rich family though so were very happy, i am the second of five chieldren , i have older brother ,two sisters and one younger brother. My hoby is sports especially in the field of football. I also like the other game that relate to the foot example : futsal and takraw.
     I used to aspire wants to become a Phisical Education Teacher and this is the ideal future high school, after a period of school for in senior high school.  I finally had to pass and will continue to a higher level is college. for go to college I should wander into other areas, because in the Natuna at time just have STAI ( Islam Religius High School ) and majors I interest was not there. If continued outside the region I was given a choise by my parents. whether to study in java or west kalimantan.
why in java.... ? because my brother was in college there precisely in IKIP Budi Utomo Malang, whereas if west kalimantan any closer to Natuna only one days and two nights or thirty-six hours if using a ship. other than that
transportation easier and cheaper compared java and at pontianak  also have good universities like UNTAN ( Tanjungpura University ).
   When applying to the university i am and some of my friends from high school sign up via online to follow the selection of the university entrance, everyone can selecting two or more majorsin the university, but I only choose two majors.  The first is major sporst scienc education and the second is majoring in pharmacy. after choosing a majors, I discussed whit parents and the discussion result i had to replace sports education majors. because, hard job opportunities and finally i chose civil engineering.
    Why  choose civil engineering ? because , i think civil engineering will easily find a job later, and in my hometown still lacks civil engineer. after selecting this option i went to pontianak and follow the written test held university. At the time of graduation announcement arrives it turns out that graduation is the first choise, namely civil engineering. and finally i was studying civil engineering until now.

Ok.. That  is all and thank you